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So What is Flow?

It is optimal experience. Even today we have a hard time defining it exactly. You know it when you feel it. Words like creative and productive don’t do it justice. It is incredible.

What does it do for me

How do I do more with less time?

When you’re completely overloaded, creativity drops by 45% according to Harvard researchers. Escaping overload leads to a more productive mindset.

What does it do for my team

How do I unblock my team so they can reach their potential?

Constant unplanned work means that you never get ahead, especially in light of a study from MIT that found 70% of the workday is completely fragmented. Stop putting out fires: its time to switch from a reactive environment to a proactive one.

What does it do for my organization

How do I get my cross-functional organization tuned to the same frequency?

Teams form silos when they’re too busy trying to look good rather than do good, a consequence of low intrinsic motivation. Help your teams see regular daily progress, which is a proven technique that maximizes intrinsic motivation.

Frictionless Can Help

Get off the struggle bus of overload.

Our Momentum coaching program—originally developed at MIT—teach a model of how the brain switches between three different states: overload, flow, and underload.

We cover the underlying science, so that you can master how the various brain regions and chemistry relate to these mental states. Stress, attention, and motivation are what cause shifts from one state to another.

You’ll come away with a toolkit and triage steps on how to achieve peak flow experiences as individuals, teams, and organizations, as well as common pitfalls to avoid.

Momentum Course Formats

Surf through the flow with our help

4 Weeks To Flow

Join a remote leadership development class for four weeks.

Half-Day Workshop

A half day remote workshop, ideal for enhancing team dynamics.


We’ll perform an initial assessment and then work with you to create a custom program to meet your organization’s needs and goals.

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