A Fitness Tracker For The Brain

Introducing Coefficient

Coefficient tracks shifts between three different mental states: overload, flow, and underload.

Coefficient can automatically block notifications when you're in flow and coaches on how to shift mental states in order to boost creativity by 50%.

Coefficient is a non-contact sensor that sits on the desk.

How Does Coefficient Work

The heart, lungs, eyes, and skin provide a window into the brain, through their connection to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. A “tug of war” between the nervous systems causes fluctuations, which the sensor can measure.

Our artificial intelligence can interpret these fluctuations to understand your current stress, attention, and motivation to identify whether you’re in overload, flow, or underload. The system is patent-pending.

All sensor data is processed on-device, maximizing security and privacy. Individuals have full access to their own sensor data and coaching feedback, which is never shared with anyone else.  Opt-in to compare with organization-wide statistics which are aggregated to protect individual privacy.

Who is This For?


Get off the struggle bus of overload.

Coefficient can improve creativity by up to 50%, while helping meet deadlines and reducing stress.  You'll get realtime coaching and measurable results.


Enhance your team's collaboration, while minimizing the pitfalls.

Coefficient coaches team members to maximize focus and batch non-urgent interruptions, boosting individual performance and team collaboration.


Leverage the right metrics and mindsets to lead your people to success.

Coefficient provides the missing organization-wide metrics you need to move your organization towards the best management practices, which are associated with 25% faster annual growth and 75% greater productivity.

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