Privacy Policy

To provide you with consulting services and the benefits of our technology such as Coefficient ("Products"), we collect certain types of information from you. This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") describes how we protect and handle the information that you provide and that we obtain through the Product and our website, ("Website"). Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. By installing and/or using any portion of the Product or Website, you agree to the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

Although the remainder of this document is dedicated to the details of our privacy policy, highlights include:

• We do not sell your individual data.
• We will not spam you.
• We collect the minimum amount of information necessary to provide and improve the Product and related services.
• We use commercially reasonable efforts to protect your information and keep it secure.

1. We Collect and Use Certain Information

We collect information relating to you and your use of the Product and Website in order to provide services and features that are easy to use and responsive to your needs. We use the term "Consumer Information" to refer to any personally identifiable or anonymous information relating to you or your use of the App or Website. The following sections describe more specific categories of Consumer Information.

1.1 Contact Information

Contact Information is information that allows someone to identify or contact you, including, for example: your name and email address.

In the event that you contact us, any information that you provide is used for the purpose of responding to your inquiry. We retain communications relating to customer support in order to provide better service. For example, we can follow up with you when a bug you reported is fixed or a new feature you requested is added. We can also follow up to solicit feedback on how we can improve. We can also refer to previous messages you have sent us, in order to better understand your inquiry and previous troubleshooting steps we may have tried.

We also can perform statistical analysis on inquiries in the aggregate, for example to understand which type of issues occur more frequently. We can also perform artificial intelligence analysis of historical inquiries, in order to develop automated support systems.

In the event that you create an account, we'll use your contact information for the purpose of securing and managing your account. For example, we can contact you to help with resetting your password or verifying changes to your account. In addition, we can contact you for service-related changes that impact the Product. We may also contact you to collect feedback on how we can improve.

In the event that you make a purchase, we'll use your contact information for the purpose of fulfilling your purchase. We may also contact you to collect feedback on how we can improve.

In the event that you opt-in to receive communications from us, such as newsletters, tips, or marketing, we’ll use your contact information for the purpose of providing such communications.  Any such communications will contain clear instructions to unsubscribe.

We do NOT sell your contact information.

1.2 Usage Information

Usage Information is anonymous information in the aggregate, such as how many people are using the Product per day, in what countries and languages the Product is being used, whether any errors occur, and what features are most popular.

We use this information to prioritize which features to add to the Product, which languages to translate the Product into, identify bugs to fix, customizing the user experience, and other ways to improve the Product. We also use this information to improve compatibility, fix bugs, update plug-ins, and improve features. This information is also used to deliver configuration updates to tune the app's functionality. We receive this type of information from third party service providers, like Google. This Usage Information is used for the purpose of improving the Product.

We do not associate Usage Information with Contact Information, unless you sign in. If you are signed into the Product, we may contact you if we notice crashes or errors occurring for the purpose of proactively helping resolve the error.

Usage Information also includes anonymous information about your computer hardware and software that is automatically collected when you access the Website. This information is used for the purpose of operating the Website, maintaining the quality of the Website, and providing general statistics regarding use of the Website.

1.3 Preference Information

Preference Information is user-provided information, such as which apps and websites are important to you. This information is used within the Product to customize the experience for you.

We do not associate Preference Information with Contact information, unless you sign in. If you are signed into the Product, Preference information may be backed up securely to your account.

1.4 Productivity Information

Productivity Information is machine and user generated information about productivity, such as how long you use a specific app and how fast you type.

We use Productivity Information to provide the benefits of the Coefficient technology, including to provide reports and feedback about your productivity and mental state.

We do not associate Productivity Information with Contact Information, unless you sign in. If you are signed into the Product, Productivity Information may be backed up securely to your account.

We do not share your individual Productivity Information.

The Product does NOT and CANNOT collect screenshots, document titles, filenames, keystrokes, or other such information. Technical restrictions, such as "sandboxing" and runtime permissions, ensure that our Product has limited access to your system.

In the event that you opt-in to allow us to use Productivity Information for research purposes, we will anonomyze the information such that it cannot be linked back to you.

1.5 Sensor Information

Sensor Information is information collected from wearable and non-wearable sensors regarding human physiology and the environment in which you are located. This includes information such as timing of heart beats, timing of breaths, body movement, outlines of the eyes and mouth (to detect whether they are opened or closed), skin temperature, and skin conductivity.

We use Sensor Information to provide the benefits of the Coefficient technology, including to provide reports and feedback about your productivity and mental state. Sensor information may be associated with Productivity information, in order to provide more accurate feedback.

We do not associate Sensor Information with Contact Information, unless you sign in. If you are signed into the Product, Sensor Information may be backed up securely to your account.

We do not share your individual Sensor Information.

The Product does NOT collect video or photographs of you. Camera-based sensors use on-device machine learning to identify features, such as the outline of the eyes and mouth. Only these outlines are then used for further processing.

In the event that you opt-in to allow us to use Sensor Information for research purposes, we will anonomyze the information such that it cannot be linked back to you.

1.6 Diagnostic Information

Diagnostic Information is a combination historical information of the Product’s activity. In the process of providing customer support, we may ask for diagnostic information so that we can troubleshoot. This is optionally provided by you from within the app. Diagnostic information is uploaded over an encrypted connection and then encrypted at rest. We only retain Diagnostic Information for the duration of resolving your support inquiry, usually a few days. Afterwards the information is immediately deleted. Diagnostic information does contain internal status codes, activation history of applications, and Configuration Information. Diagnostic information does NOT contain user-generated data such as contacts, calendars, messages, window or document titles, keystrokes, or other such sensitive information.

1.7 Purchase Information

Purchase information is information about the history of your purchases, such as when you made a purchase, return or refund. This could also include information such as when you subscribed, renewed, or canceled your subscription. If are logged into the Product, your purchase information will be associated with your contact information. If we notice an error with your purchase or you cancel your subscription, we may send you a one-time correspondence for the purpose of resolving the error or understanding if there is anything we can do to improve the Product.

2. How We Use Consumer Information

We use Consumer Information for a wide variety of purposes, including to enhance the Product, to provide you with customer service and to make a wider range of features available to you. We also use your Consumer Information in anonymous, aggregate form to better understand how consumers use our Product and Website, which features they use, and who is likely to be interested in using certain other features, and for various other business purposes. For a more detailed explanation of how we use Consumer Information, please refer to Section 1, above.

3. Disclosure of Consumer Information to Third Parties

We may disclose anonymous Consumer Information in the aggregate, and analyses and reports derived from such information to third parties including our service providers, consumer and market research companies, and other organizations. We will not disclose your personally identifiable Consumer Information to any third party for any purpose.

3.1 Contractors and Third-Party Service Providers

We may use independent contractors to assist with our operations. Such contractors may include programmers, consultants, auditors, attorneys, accountants, potential purchasers of our business, and third parties whose services are necessary for us to provide the Product or conduct legitimate business activities in connection with the Product. Some of these contractors will have temporary access to our databases of Consumer Information. Their access to such information will be limited to specific tasks. We require these contractors and third parties to agree to protect the confidentiality of your Consumer Information and to use it only as necessary to perform the services they are asked to perform. These contractors and third parties are responsible and liable if they misuse any Consumer Information.

3.2 Compliance with the Law; Protection of Our Product

We may be legally obligated to disclose Consumer Information to the government or third parties under certain circumstances, such as in response to a legal demand issued by a government entity, a subpoena issued in connection with a civil or criminal investigation or litigation, an order from a court or regulatory agency, or to comply with regulatory requirements. We may determine that, notwithstanding the provisions of this Privacy Policy, it is necessary or appropriate for us to disclose your Contact Information and personally identifiable Usage Information to comply with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and any other relevant laws or regulations, to enforce our applicable End User License Agreement or any other of our policies, to exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims, to protect the integrity of our operations, to protect our customers, or to prevent a crime.

4. Security of Consumer Information

Because your privacy is very important to us, we have put in place commercially reasonable technical, physical, and administrative measures to protect the Consumer Information that we collect. Except as provided elsewhere in this Privacy Policy, we limit access to Consumer Information databases to our personnel who have a business need for such access, including servicing your account or aggregating Contact Information or anonymous Usage Information.

We use industry-standard security methods, such as anonymization, strong encryption, one-way hash functions, multi-factor authentication, rotating passwords, physical and technical access controls, code and security reviews, and other measures, to secure the communication and storage of information throughout the Product and Website. In addition, our applications use sandboxing and request the minimum permissions necessary and to limit their access. Despite these efforts, you should know that no one, including our company, can guarantee that such methods are 100% secure.

5. Information from Children

If you are under the age of 16, you should use the Product only with the involvement of a parent or guardian and should not submit any personal information to us. We do not intentionally target children under 16. We comply with all applicable laws designed to protect children’s information. Children under the age of 16 should not use our Product without obtaining prior parental consent.

6. General

6.1 Amendments To This Privacy Policy

We may occasionally update this Privacy Policy. When we do, we will also revise the "last updated" date of the Privacy Policy. We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy periodically to stay informed about how we are helping to protect the Consumer Information we collect. Your continued use of the Product and Website constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy and any updates.

6.2 Technical Problems

Even though we have taken significant steps to ensure that your Consumer Information is never collected, used, or disclosed by us except as set forth by this Privacy Policy, technical mistakes are possible. If such a mistake takes place, we will take commercially reasonable steps to correct it.

6.3 Contact Us

Our intention is to be diligent in protecting your privacy by carefully following our Privacy Policy. If you would like to make suggestions or find out more about our privacy practices, please email us at

6.4 Interpreting This Privacy Policy

Examples listed in this Privacy Policy are provided to assist your understanding of this Privacy Policy and are not intended as exhaustive lists. Section headings are provided for your convenience.

For products downloaded from or, this Privacy Policy supplements and is incorporated into the License Agreement.

For products downloaded from the Apple App Store, the privacy policy supplements the Licensed Application End User License Agreement.

This policy was last updated on October 30, 2020.